Tiranga Game

Type of payment

You have several options to withdraw your money from the Tiranga Game Casino app. The first method involves bank transfer, but also has the option of using USDT.

How to withdraw Tiranga Casino app using USDT account

While it is a lot, you cannot withdraw money from a USDT account with your profit like you can with a bank account. Instead, you should talk to customer service or your guide about adding a USDT fee.

Add USDT as payment – Tiranga Game

Contact your customer service or help desk to add your USDT account for withdrawal. In my example, Miss Gilly helped me along the way. You can contact him by telegram to submit your application.

How to add to your USDT account;

Create an account in USDT;

Have a cryptocurrency trading site like Binance. Download Binance app, register and verify with PAN and Aadhar card.
create subscription address (TRC20);

Go to the Binance Wallet section.
Click on Deposit in the menu.
The selection of the TRON network (TRC20) is an important first step.
Take a picture of what you see and copy the address in your wallet. See the image below for details.
You can now link your USDT account with the Tiranga Games casino app.
Call your assistant or customer service if you want to add your USDT account to withdraw money. In my case, instead of waiting for customer service, I met with my mentor, Gilly. I sent him the address of the wallet I had copied along with a screenshot. I then contacted the technical team to add my USDT account to the Tiranga Games app and earn money online. It’s an efficient way to get the job done!!

Withdrawal from USDT Wallet / Binance?

Once you add your wallet address to the USDT section, you can quickly withdraw money by following these instructions:

Go to Remove > Bags.
Click on your USDT account.

Select the value in INR or local currency and the USDT value will be displayed automatically.
Enter your password when you select Logout.
That’s right! USDT will be credited to your account shortly.
You can withdraw any amount in USDT from INR 907 up to a maximum of INR 1 crore.
How to play tiranga and earn money?
Once you sign up for Tiranga Club, talk to a teacher for help. You will meet with a teacher to learn how to play Tiranga and you will be given professional predictions to increase your chances of winning.

You can communicate with the Customer Service by telegram.

Once you have registered with Tiranga through the link provided, log in to Telegram using your Tiranga game ID to become an entrepreneur and earn money by referring others. Register at Tiranga.

NOTE: Gambling in casinos and other places where there is a risk of winning or losing. Play smart. Relax, relax and play for fun and since these online casino games can be addictive, do not forget the risks involved.

Must request access with no withdrawal fee.
Tiranga Club Casino does not charge you a fee for using color predictions. So there are no fees and you get all the money withdrawn from your bank account. The Tiranga game is unique in that it requires no withdrawal fee, unlike other color guessing programs that can charge between 3% and 5%. The best feature of this winning app is a cash game with a 0% withdrawal fee!

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